BLM Hassayampa Field Office Ranches

Ranches that are permitted to use grazing allotments administered by the Bureau of Land Management Hassayampa Field Office and have benefited from government assistance. (Additional ranches are added to this list as information becomes available.)

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Government Assistance For Ranchers Program Key
AALB - Arizona Livestock Loss Board, Arizona Livestock Loss Board (federal/state)
AWPF - Arizona Water Protection Fund, AWPF Commission (state)
ECP - Emergency Conservation Program, USDA’s Farm Service Agency (federal)
EQIP - Environmental Quality Incentives Program, USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (federal)
The EQIP program absorbed the NRCS Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program (WHIP) after 2014.
EWP - Emergency Watershed Protection, USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (federal)
The Arizona EWP Drought Program was discontinued in 2001 after a critical audit.
HPC - Habitat Partnership Committee, Arizona Game & Fish Commission (state)
Arizona Heritage Fund, Arizona Game & Fish Commission (state)
LCCGP - Livestock & Crop Conservation Program, Arizona Department of Agriculture (state)
Note: Open Space Reserve Grants became LCCGP Grants after 2002.
LFP - Livestock Forage Disaster Program, USDA’s Farm Service Agency (federal)
LRP - Landowner Relations Program, Arizona Game & Fish Department (state)
PFWP - Partners for Fish & Wildlife Program, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (federal)
WQIG - Water Quality Improvement Grant, Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (federal/state)
Note: These grants were previously called Section 319 nonpoint source (NPS) water pollution prevention grants.
CO Bar RanchDeGanahl RanchHorseshoe RanchKelton RanchFX RanchLittle Horse & OX RanchSand Arroyo RanchSycamore Ranch
CO Bar Ranch (Babbitt Ranches LLC) - Slate Mtn. & Wild Bill (Coconino NF), Moqui (Kaibab NF) & CO Bar (BLM) Allotments, State Lease #05-000252
2005LCCGP #05-26$150,000Grassland Restoration
2007LCCGP #07-02$125,000Grassland Restoration
2009LCCGP #09-29$125,000Grassland Restoration
2010Heritage Fund$50,000 Public Access to CO Bar, Espee, and Cataract Ranches
2011LCCGP #11-02$125,000Cut Down Juniper Trees & Dirt Tank Cleanouts
2013LRP$100,000Remove Pinyon Pine and Juniper Trees
2013HPC #12-202$40,000Remove Pinyon Pine and Juniper Trees
2015Heritage Fund$800,000Public Access for 10 Years to CO Bar & Espee Ranches
2018HPC #17-202$30,000Remove Pinyon Pine and Juniper Trees
2021Heritage Fund$160,000Remove Pinyon Pine and Juniper Trees
2021HPC #20-207**$50,000Remove Pinyon Pine and Juniper Trees
2022Heritage Fund$20,000Remove Pinyon Pine and Juniper Trees
$2,427,838TOTAL 2005 - 2022
* WHIP ended in 2013 and was absorbed by the EQIP program.
** This project was shared with Hat grazing allotment on the nearby Kaibab National Forest.
This isn't all of the government assistance that benefited the ranch. According to a 2008 Arizona Game & Fish Department letter, they had previously spent more than $1.3 million on the ranch.

The enormous CO Bar Ranch is located between Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon, and runs from the Little Colorado River in the east to State Route 64 in the west. It is comprised primarily of private and state land, but includes the Coconino National Forest's Slate Mountain & Wild Bill grazing allotments in the south, and the Kaibab National Forest's Moqui grazing allotment in the north, along with the BLM's small CO Bar allotment, administered by their Hassayampa Field Office. The ranch uses scientifically discredited Holistic Resource Management (HRM) intensive grazing theories. HRM grazing plans are typified by high utilization rates, which can increase competition between cattle and wildlife for forage, and degrade watershed health and wildlife habitat - especially in dry ecosystems and during droughts. (Babbitt Ranches LLC also owns the Espee Ranch, located west of SR 64, which includes private land and state grazing lease #05-000822.)
DeGanahl Ranch (DeGanahl Cattle Co. LLC) - Aguila & Calhoun Allotments, State Lease #05-001321
$240,220TOTAL 2015 - 2022
Horseshoe Ranch (JH Cattle Co., LLC) - Horseshoe (BLM) and Copper Creek (FS) Allotments
2014HPC #13-601$1,058Brooklyn Well Solar Water Pump
2014HPC #13-602$30,000Copper Creek Allotment Dirt Tank Cleanouts
2015-2021LFP$203,167Drought & Wildfire
$234,225TOTAL 2014 - 2021
The Horseshoe allotment is located within the BLM’s Agua Fria National Monument.
John T. Holbrook, the owner of JH Cattle Co. LLC, leases the Horseshoe Ranch from the Arizona Game & Fish Department. He sells the beef raised on the ranch through the JH Grass Fed Beef LLC, which is owned by his father John B. Holbrook. The elder Holbrook also holds the grazing permit for the BLM's nearby Antelope Creek grazing allotment, and received $26,738 of LFP assistance for his ranching operation on that allotment from 2015 to 2020.
Kelton Ranch (Kelton Cattle Co., LLC) - Box Bar (BLM) and Long Gulch Allotments (FS), State Lease #05-000063
2013HPC #12-603*$25,000Juniper Tree Thinning On Sycamore Mesa
$317,110TOTAL 2015 - 2022
* This project was shared with a neighboring ranch.
The Box Bar allotment is located within the BLM’s Agua Fria National Monument.
FX Ranch (The Flying 4 C Ranch LLC) - Galena Gulch Allotment, State Lease #05-003432
$188,022TOTAL 2018 - 2021
Little Horse & OX Ranch (Little Horse Ranch LLLP) - Casner Park/Kelly Seep (FS) and Grantham Bros. Lease (BLM) Allotments, State Lease #05-000111
2009LCCGP #09-66$100,000Range Improvement Progam
2011LCCGP #11-39$125,000Range Improvement Program
$1,433,100TOTAL 2005 - 2022
Sand Arroyo Ranch (Sand Arroyo Ranch, Inc.) - Jones & Garcia Allotments, State Lease #05-001071
$120,770TOTAL 2019 - 2022
Sand Arroyo Ranch, Inc., owns Tres Bees LLC, which holds the permit for the BLM Lake Havasu Field Office’s Alamo Crossing grazing allotment. Tres Bees LLC received $20,318 of LFP from 2018 – 2021.
Sycamore Ranch (Bert T. Teskey) - Sycamore & 2Y (BLM) and Todd (FS) Allotments
1999EWP$4,351Paid to Take Cattle Off the Land During Drought
2010HPC #09-???$19,8402Y Ranch Solar Water Pump Project
2013HPC #12-603*$25,000Juniper Thinning On Sycamore Mesa
2022HPC #21-606**$24,000Solar Powered Water Pumping System
$236,466TOTAL 1999 - 2022
* This project was shared with a neighboring ranch.
The Sycamore and 2Y allotments are located within the BLM’s Agua Fria National Monument.

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