Government Assistance For Arizona Ranchers

The below-market federal grazing fee is just one of the many government subsidies provided to Arizona’s public land ranchers. This list of other government assistance programs available to them is updated as new information is acquired.

Arizona Public Land Ranches That Benefited From Government Assistance

Arizona State Land Ranches That Benefited From Government Assistance

Federal Government Assistance Programs
Arizona State Government Assistance Programs

* These programs are administered by the state, but the funds are provided, conditionally, by the federal government.

In January 2023 HB 2444 was introduced in the Arizona Legislature by Rep. Gail Griffin, R-Hereford, to create a Natural Resource Conservation District Fund Commision, comprised of regional NRCD supervisors, to disperse loosely-defined soil conservation grants from a new statewide NRCD fund. It passed, but on May 16, 2023, Gov. Katie Hobbs vetoed it. In her veto letter she explained the Legislature had failed to appropriate any money to the State Land Department, which administers the local NRCDs, for the commission's administrative expenses. But her letter didn't address the issue of where the money for the fund would have come from, or the long history of NRCDs failing to comply with the state's open meeting laws, or the undemocratic and feudal nature of the NRCDs because local landowners are the only people allowed to vote in their elections.